Seaway and Mooring

Seaway & Mooring

North Star is ready to supply all equipment and needs for passing the St. Lawrence Seaway Locks, including the following;

- Seaway mooring ropes - Portable seaway fenders - Seaway anchor marking buoys. - Seaway polypropylene heaving ropes
- AIS/DGPS Systems. - Complete sets of current
   Seaway charts and publications
- Permanent/Temporary Seaway

North Star can supply a large variety of Mooring Ropes and equipment, wires for cranes, anchors, anchor chains and connecting links, shackles, turnbuckles and clips. Our selection, among other specialties, includes;

- Mooring ropes "DSR" Superdan 8-strand high tensile - Mooring ropes "DSR" Superflex 8-strand polypropylene/polyester mix.
- Nylon, polyester, polypropylene and manila ropes - Non-rotating crane wires.